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Painting will never

sound boring

Our mission &

Painting should be an easy task, accessible to everyone. Overwhelmed by the mountain of options in a classic paint shop? We’ve curated the most beautiful colors in a reduced Palette of only 50 tints. With our sample stickers, try before choosing! Make a test run and pick the right color for your room, based on the changing light conditions over the day. No more mess, waste and wrongly chosen colors!

We also got you covered with the right supplies in one handy kit with only the highest quality tools that you need. Let’s get started and give your home it’s own Palette!

Developed and produced with love, in the Netherlands.

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    Curated selection
    of 50 exclusive colours

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    Free shipping &
    returns in Europe

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    Eco-friendly & Premium
    A+ paint

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    Easy to test in your home
    with our sample stickers

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    Super touch, washable
    and wipeable finish

Our Mission

Painting should be simple, easy to choose your color, easy to apply it where ever you want. At Palette, we strive to offer you artist-selected colors, premium quality, free from harmful ingredients, at the best prices.

Our Factory

Palette paints are developed and produced in the Netherlands. Our factory is all about innovation and renewal. There is constant investment in automation and machines. Regarding processes and products, we focus on the future. Improvement of quality and sustainability are paramount.

Sustainable and high quality paints.

  • Palette paints are adapted to :

    - wind-dry concrete, masonry, plasterboard, sanding and hardboards surfaces.

    - renovation purposes, over old, well-adhering, existing, non-elastic, organic paint layers.

    - surfaces needing a high durability and where easy to clean painting is desired, such as schools, hospitals, day-care centres or catering establishments.

  • Place your order today before 4 pm and receive it within 1 to 2 working days. Made especially for you and shipped straight out of our factory.

  • Our paint is scrub-resistant (class 1 DIN 13300) and durable over time. Daily stains and scratches are easily washable.

  • Still having doubts? Order a sample!

    Our stickers (24cmx24cm) can be glued and re-glued without damaging your walls. We want to make sure that you make the right choice!

  • Volatile Organic Compounds are well known to be a significant contributor to harmful toxins being released during and after painting. Unfortunately, in Europe, most low VOC paints only measure VOCs that are negatively affecting our outdoor air pollution. This means conventional paints can still include harmful chemicals that aren't considered VOCs but are still toxic to our indoor air quality. At Palette, all our paints are VOC-free and free of all other harmful chemicals. You can be rest assured that our paints are helping to keep your indoor and outdoor air healthy and fresh.

No, no, no

No VOC – Better for the environment

Volatile organic compounds are well known for their significant contribution to harmful toxins released during and after painting. Unfortunately, in Europe, most low-VOC paints only measure VOCs that have a negative impact on outdoor air pollution. This means that conventional paints may still contain harmful chemicals that are not considered VOCs but remain toxic for indoor air quality.

All of our paints are free of VOCs and other harmful chemicals. You can count on Palette to help keep your indoor and outdoor air totally fresh. By beating mould and bacteria, our paints keep your walls healthy!

Geen afval: we produceren alleen op bestelling

Ons made-on-demand productieproces is ontworpen om afval en voorraad te minimaliseren. Meestal is verf maar 12 maanden houdbaar. Daarnaast geeft het ons de flexibiliteit om de mooiste kleuren te maken en altijd mee te kunnen met de trends.