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Air Pollution

Clear air

We spend more than 80% of our time indoors, and for a good reason. More than providing shelter from the elements, inside is where we find comfort, where we can gather, interact and work. Inside, we feel safe.

But indoor air pollution is now 3-5 times worse than outdoor air pollution. With the prevalence of studies and information on health risks that come with indoor air pollution, it comes as no surprise that consumers are becoming increasingly mindful of air quality levels at home.

The tricky thing about indoor air pollution, though, is that it’s often hidden in plain sight, and we’re usually unaware of its presence, until physical symptoms start to manifest. Microscopic, toxic chemical compounds, bacteria, and fungal particles accumulate in our homes over time, as everyday products and even our bodies, release them into our interior environments.

What exactly are we inhaling indoors, and what can be done to keep our living spaces cleaner and safer?

Sustainable and high quality paints.

  • Palette paints are adapted to :

    - wind-dry concrete, masonry, plasterboard, sanding and hardboards surfaces.

    - renovation purposes, over old, well-adhering, existing, non-elastic, organic paint layers.

    - surfaces needing a high durability and where easy to clean painting is desired, such as schools, hospitals, day-care centres or catering establishments.

  • Place your order today before 4 pm and receive it within 1 to 2 working days. Made especially for you and shipped straight out of our factory.

  • Our paint is scrub-resistant (class 1 DIN 13300) and durable over time. Daily stains and scratches are easily washable.

  • Still having doubts? Order a sample!

    Our stickers (24cmx24cm) can be glued and re-glued without damaging your walls. We want to make sure that you make the right choice!

  • Volatile Organic Compounds are well known to be a significant contributor to harmful toxins being released during and after painting. Unfortunately, in Europe, most low VOC paints only measure VOCs that are negatively affecting our outdoor air pollution. This means conventional paints can still include harmful chemicals that aren't considered VOCs but are still toxic to our indoor air quality. At Palette, all our paints are VOC-free and free of all other harmful chemicals. You can be rest assured that our paints are helping to keep your indoor and outdoor air healthy and fresh.